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Plexus Pedal

Plexus Pedal

Plexus Pedal can be an electrotherapy device designed for painful or strainful problems in the feet. It releases a specific frequency of current on the soles of the feet, strengthens the strength of the plantar muscles, relieves pain and improves blood circulation.
Ergonomic design, suitable for long-sitting people to put the foot on, to reduce the pressure on the calf, and the two pedals can move up and down, exercise the calf, improve blood circulation.
Plexus Pedal is also equipped with a pair of electrotherapy stickers to release a specific frequency of current, the user can stick to the pain in the leg, soothing leg discomfort.
In addition to the button control on the instrument, a wireless remote control is added free of charge, which is convenient for users to adjust different strengths and treatment time.

Plexus Pedal是一台針對足部經常有痛症或勞損問題而設計的電療及運動儀器,它可於足底釋放出特定頻率的電流,增強足底肌肉力量、舒緩痛症、改善血液循環。
Plexus Pedal更附設一對電療貼,可以釋出特定頻率的電流,用家可以貼在腿上痛處,舒緩腿部不適。

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